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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Friday in Sydney

Special announcement -

Due to technical difficulties there will be no more pictures posted until we get home. Translation: I'm IT challenged and this morning when I looked at my camera ALL my pictures from Ayers Rock and Alice Springs were gone. So much for any of you who were impressed that we were going to blog. I hope you can enjoy the written description until later. Ay de mi. Fortunately, there are 2 of us and we are taking pictures in tandem so.... there are duplicates in Felicity's camera too. Thank goodness for that.

Now for today. We spent the morning on a tour of the city. We saw the Opera House, Darling Harbor, Mrs. Macquarie's chair and lots of lovely neighborhoods. The driver said we were in the area where Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman have homes but they didn't invite us for tea. Oh, shucks.

At the end of the ride, we got off and wandered around Darling Harbor. This must have been the day for school trips since we saw tons of young children in uniform with their teachers. We both had big smiles on our faces since we were not responsible for them. And, can you believe it, they were eating their lunches right by the water! Yikes. Maybe they haven't yet heard of liability.

We then used the map and wandered around the city. We found the Queen Victoria Building which is a beautiful old building with lots of stained glass and architecture and now it is a high end shopping area. We also visited St. Mary's Cathedral, the oldest Catholic church in Australia and is fashioned after Notre Dame. It does remind you of the cathedral.

Now we're back at the hotel for a bit of a rest before dinner. And I wanted to get back to try and retrieve my pictures but no luck. I think there is a moral in here somewhere. Any ideas?

Have a great day everyone. We are!


patty said...

aunt fliss
sounds so nice. sorry to hear about nancy's pics though. same old here. sarah just woke up and wants to go to dee's already. there are a million things that i could do here though. i am sure she will win though. have a great day and be safe. chat with you again soon.

treva said...

G' Day to you!
So sorry about your photos, Nancy - I do know what that's like!

So you've explored the Domain - great views from Mrs. MacQ's chair ... Yes?
I love being able to picture where you are.

Keep blogging ~ It's great fun to check in and read about your adventures!

Alex said...

It's been great to hear about your daily adventures. Shocked to hear about the apparent loss of photos from your digital camera. Let's hope that really didn't happen. We have similar model cameras but mine is older and has slightly different features. Erasing or deleting photos from the camera normally requires actively selecting a command to do that. When viewing thumbnails of your photos in the camera you can activate the "Menu" and activate protection for the pictures (for "all in folder") on your memory stick. The protection icon in the menu is a "key." And when you remove a memory stick when its full to replace with another, you can and should always physically activate the "locked" slider tab on the back of it. Slide it into position to where it shows "red." When downloading to a computer, the software on the computer you're using at the time can potentially delete pictures on your memory stick unless protection in the camera or on the memory stick itself is locked. Most software is set to ask before deleting anything. It might be wise to remove the current memory stick, lock and save it, and use a secondary memory stick. It's possible there may be a defect in the memory stick you initially used. You can check its contents later. Whatever happens, I'm looking forward to reading your journal entries! You certainly are having wonderful adventures. Enjoy yourselves!

lnice-o said...

oooh we have exciting news here, the daffodils have started to bloom in the yard, i have cut down the ornamental grasses, and i have been watching college hoops 24/7...
seriously, without sarcasm, sounds like everything is just wonderfully perfect, a trip of a lifetime. Continue gathering those memories. Can't wait to see pics and opals...