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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Sounds of Silence

Where do we begin? We just got back from a once in a lifetime experience. We left here before sunset and traveled to an undisclosed location where we were met with waiters passing out champagne and walking through with trays of canapes which included kangaroo and crocodile. Felicity tasted both. They were gone when they got to me. And add into that a view of Uluru and the Olgas as the sun set. Hmmmm.

As if that in itself wasn't enough we then proceeded to tables set with tablecloths and candellight where we continued to watch the sun set. Our meal started with pumpkin lemon soup - delicious. Then we proceeded to the buffet table to sample other culinary delights including kangaroo and baramundi - a native Australian fish. The kangaroo tasted like beef and the fish was very tasty.

The meal was also very pleasant due to our dinner companions. A mother and daughter from Missouri who were traveling together, 2 Aussies, 1 Brit, 1 Kiwi and a gentleman from South Africa. Quite an eclectic mix and very entertaining. After dinner they turned off all the lights and we saw a starry sky like we have never seen before. It defies description. After we enjoyed the silence of the vast sky and desert, the astronomer came and showed us the Milky Way, another galaxy, the Southern Cross, Orion, Leo, Virgo, and more stars than we have ever seen at one time in our lifetime. What an amazing sight. It is very hard to describe.

We just got back and are filled with the awe an experience like that can give you.

An aside to all that was that part of the dinner conversation was about the world opinion of W. You can imagine what that was like. Felicity and I were in total agreement.

Tomorrow it is on to Alice Springs and the Flying Doctors Complex. Bye for now.


patty said...

aunt fliss
i figured it out. what an amazing time it sounds like you are having. i cant wait to see the pics. it is freezing here today. enjoy your travels today. be safe. chat with you soon.

Linda G. said...

Hi Nancy and Felis: Enjoyed reading your daily posts--sounds so wonderful. Had a crazy dream about Felis--we will have to discuss when you return. Looking forward to seeing pictures when you get back. Had Sue Saurabh and the girls here for Easter-cold & windy, so enjoy the heat! Have fun and take it all in. Love, Nish