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Friday, March 21, 2008

Saturday morning at the Great Barrier Reef

What a morning. This morning we took a boat out to the Great Barrier Reef. We were riding out looking at glorious mountains and a very rocky ride on the boat. Before boarding we had met 2 women who were traveling together, Ingrid from Sweden and Charyl from Vancouver. Their daughters are married to twin brothers and they have connected. What a hoot they were. It was a lucky meeting because it gave Felicity a buddy to snorkel with. Unfortunately, there were no fish where they snorkeled but we did see fish while on the semi-submarine. Not a ride for the claustrophobic but wonderful sights to see. I am attaching a few photos. Different internet cafe this time.
Okay, so the photo part is a lie. The one you see is a snowy mountain from the internet. Sorry about that. Operator error. Now I can't figure out how to get rid of it. Hope you can enjoy. Maybe I'll get the fish pictures on later. If anyone knows how to do that you can send me directions at my email address.

The weather here is very hot. Sorry about the cold and snow in PA.


Alex said...

How brave you are to be riding in a semi-submarine. Will your 2 new acquaintances be part of a tour group or was it a one-time meeting? They sound like fun. I'm enjoying your blogs immensely. Yes, your photos and entries are all editable here. Keep the stories coming!

Chris B said...

Happy Easter Auntie Nan and Felicity! Sounds like the trip is off to a great start! Claire said, "What's a blog?"

Look forward to the next update!

Aimee, Chris, Claire & Lily

Mimi said...

cool pix!

diving in the Great Barrier Reef