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Monday, March 24, 2008

Uluru or Ayers Rock

What a magnificent place this is. We arrived here at Ayers Rock Resort yesterday in a rainstorm. Lucky for us the rain ended because we went out to Uluru in the afternoon to watch the sunset. It was wonderful. The rock, which gives a new meaning to the word monolith, changes color as the sun is setting. I think I took over 100 pictures last night. This morning we got up very early to go and see the sunrise on Uluru and it was equally awe-inspiring. Both times we also spent time walking around the base and visiting different spots around the base. We were very lucky to have an extremely knowledgeable tour driver named Ray. He told us about the rock as well as about the Aboriginal culture, the geology of the area and the flora and fauna. Our only disappointment was not seeing any kangaroos or camels which run wild in the area. Ray lived in the Aboriginal community for 14 months and showed a great deal of respect for the people.

Tonight we will visit the rock again, it is the only game in town. Our experience tonight is called Sounds of Silence. We will be served dinner, which looks to be very elegant, and then have an astronomer tell us about the night sky. As you can imagine, it is quite remarkable here in the desert. This morning on our way out to the rock we saw Venus and Jupiter. ( I think I have the names right, there were 2 planets visible anyway.

Sorry again that I can't add some of the fabulous pictures to this blog. Rather quaint system I'm using right now. I promise to add them as soon as I can or put them in when we get back home after our excellent adventure.

Miss all of you!

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