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Monday, April 14, 2008

Finally, the pictures

It is 4:30 am on Monday and it seems that body clocks don't re-set very quickly, even with the help of a sleeping pill so I thought I would post some of the pictures from our grand adventure. I'm happy to tell you that the mystery of my missing pictures was solved. They reappeared when I downloaded them all onto my computer. What a relief. I hope you enjoy the ones I'm sharing. It was hard to pick since there must be well over a thousand pictures to choose from. 

The first is one of the many photos taken at the Great Barrier Reef. There were so many different fish.
The koala was in the rain forest in Kuranda. And the last was as we walked into the gorge in the Ayers Rock area.

I will attempt to add a few more. It seems there is a limit to the number you can add. 


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