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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Now in Rotorua

We left Queenstown today and arrived in Rotorua this afternoon. The flight out of Queenstown was a wonder to see. We flew through mountains where we could see snow on the mountaintops and could also see the ocean. There were tributaries from the ocean that looked like opals streams from the plane window. Quite incredible.

Now we are here in Rotorua where you can see the thermal springs from our hotel balcony. The air does have a slight sulphuric smell but you do get used to it. We had to walk up to the BP station to get something light for lunch. Hmmm. We each had a hot pie - chicken tandoori and Thai chicken which was guite tasty.

Tonight we are going to a Maori hangi and concert. They will be cooking the food in the traditional way on hot rocks. Not sure what we will be eating. Should be quite interesting and entertaining.

I forgot to mention that we found a laundry in the hotel yesterday. Talk about delight in little things. Lucky, this means we will not be bringing all dirty clothes to your place!

I think it is about 10:00 pm on Wednesday for you as I write this. It is already 3:30 on Thursday for us.

Take care!

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