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Friday, April 11, 2008

Our last (full) day on the island

It is hard to believe that we have come to the final full day of our fabulous adventure. It seems like only yesterday... But actually right now Australia and New Zealand seem very far away. We have been having such a wonderful time here visiting Lucky and getting to know her neighborhood and some of her friends. Tonight we are heading out to a very closeby restaurant (Gordie's) for the best hamburgers on the island with a few of her friends.

We started our day with a trip to the post office on base to mail home some packages. The score was 3 for Felicity and 3 for Nancy. I quickly added to that number after a stop at the Officer's Wives Gift Shop. What great bargains and unique items. I felt it was the least I could do to help their worthy causes. One more box (yes, I was responsible for the additional box) with items from that visit was just dispatched this afternoon.

We made a few other stops around the local area. One to an ichebana shop to look at items to use at home for flower arranging. We were so impressed by the beautiful arrangements that Lucky has around her apartment. Another to an Asian Antique shop. They had some really unusual items, including shoes that were worn by Chinese women with bound feet. Very pretty but hard to look at since they are so very tiny. We also stopped for our first meal of soba noodles and pork. You would all be impressed how well we handle eating with chopsticks.

We leave tomorrow on China Air at 7:25 pm for Taipei - thankfully only a 3 hour layover and we're out of there by 11:30 pm. No overnight for us. That flight will take us to San Francisco - American soil here we come. Then another overnight flight to Philadelphia arriving about 6:45 am. If US Air handles our luggage okay we should be out of the airport by 8:00 am and on the way to my house. Keep your fingers crossed for the baggage handlers in PHL.

This has been an absolutely wonderful experience and we look forward to sharing more adventures and pictures with you when we get home. I will try to post a few pictures on this blog as soon as I get home.

Take care and we really will see you soon!


Carol said...

I can't wait to see pictures of Lucky's home, and your time in Okinawa. It's Friday morning and I'm in the 30s now. Can't wait to see you on Sunday - we'll be there by 10. BTW, Danny got the job in PGH! Not sure yet when he starts. Fliss, could I help redecorate that room in your lower level and maybe rent it?

CColetta said...

Hi Fliss
I cannot wait to stop by and see all the pics. Listen have a safe trip home and call me when you want a couple visitors!
Take care and be safe.