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Monday, April 7, 2008

The Longest Journey

We are here at last! We arrived safely here in Okinawa and were very happy to see Lucky's smiling face after more than 28 hours of travel.

We got up early on Sunday morning in Auckland. An hour earlier than necessary as a matter of fact since the hotel desk told us the wrong thing about the end of daylight saving and resetting the room clock. Anyway, we left the hotel at 9:00 to head to the airport and waited there for quite a while for our flight to Hong Kong. That flight was 11+ hours on Cathay Pacific. A very long haul. We arrived in Hong Kong on time and had to check in again at China Air for boarding passes for the next 2 flights. We had to keep double checking that our bags were checked through to Okinawa and did so with every China Air person we could see.

We arrived in Taipei about 1:30 am and got totally turned around in the almost empty airport. Finally found someone in immigration who directed us to the transit lounge and I do use that term loosely. There were the usual teminal seats but they did have showers and toilets there. One problem - no towels. And being the middle of the night we, along with one other woman, were the only ones there. A tiny bit creepy. We managed to catch a few winks of sleep and finally at 6:00 am we could go up to the terminal for our flight.

We were very happy to get up there and see some civilization. We even broke down and got breakfast at Starbucks. I know, I can hear your collective gasps. But you have to realize that our last meal was on China Air and it was a little like the mystery meat from college. After we stopped laughing Felicity asked what it was and we still weren't sure. It was some kind of rice with beef, tofu and maybe fish balls. We ate the dessert. So... Starbucks looked pretty good to us. Our last flight was on China Air to Okinawa. Again it was indiscriminate food so we only nibbled. We got through the customs and immigration with pictures, temperature and fingerprints taken and then our reward was seeing Lucky waiting for us on the other side of the door.

After showers and a change of clothes, we went for a massage at a spa near Lucky's apartment. It was heavenly and made us both feel so much better. We went on base and visited one of the stores. Then dinner looking out over the East China Sea. What a paradise.

Now we're back and doing some wash on a machine that is free and I'm writing this blog on a FREE computer. We're looking forward to a great week with our own personal tour guide. She has some great things planned for us.

Take care.


patty said...

i am so glad that you arrived safely. what a great feeling it must have been to finally see Lucky. and a massage, just what the dr. ordered i am sure for another fabulous week of travels. the sun is actually out here today. a nice surprise. aunt fliss, the kids ask about you all of the time. Noli got her little crocodile puzzle. cute. Nothing new to report here. dogs are doing well. glad that you made it there safely. I just finished a book and one of the settings was Tapei (spelling). anyways, girls are stirring, time to run. chat with you later. have a good time.

Carol said...

So glad to hear you made it. After your description of the flight, I think I'd rather give PSSAs - but I'm sure it was worth it. Relax, enjoy all your time with Lucky. If you hear any tips to help my yin and yan, let me know.

Carol said...

So - did you take showers and air dry? That's what I want to know! Glad you made it safely - have fun

Carol B.

Alex said...

Ha! The description of the airlines mystery meat meal had me in stiches. And the deserted Taipei airport sounded a bit scary; they should have give you a room nearby. But I'm so glad you survived the grueling long flight and connections. The remaining flights will be easy in comparison! Enjoy your weeks sightseeing.

CColetta said...

Hi Fliss
You two are soo funny! I cannot imagine all the flying you two are doing. I get car sick! Another nice day today. My dad took Drew to the Pirate home opener today they went with 5 other guys including an 8 year old for Drew to hang out with. Good thing cause it went into extra innings and they didnt get home until 8:00pm!! I was a nervous wreck but Drew had a great time. ( They lost 10-8 ) Well have a great week with Lucky.
Be safe