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Friday, April 11, 2008

On the Beach

No, this is not the Nevil Shute novel. This is on the beach in Okinawa. We got up this morning, our last day, and took a ride to the beach, not far from Lucky's house. We stopped at a new Starbucks, just opened,

and bought coffee and tea and muffins to take down to the beach. We sat and enjoyed the view while we ate our breakfast. Out in the water there were volcanic rock formations, one which looked like it could topple over any minute.

After breakfast we walked up the beach, searching for sea glass. The sand is mostly pulverized coral and some areas looked a bit like bones. In one area we saw a whole mess of hermit crabs in the sand. They were scurrying to get under the rocks and away from the crazy Americans. There was also a man who was riding a horse and then training him in the water. We asked and he told us the horse's name was Ben!

We're back at Lucky's now and taking a little rest before showers and lunch. We plan to go back to the restaurant where we ate on the first day. Looking out on the East China Sea.

In about 30+ hours we'll be back in PA. Get ready for the stories.

This is the Felicity in the nancyandfelicity blog. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nancy for this wonderful blog.

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