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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home at Last - well almost!

Watching the sun rise on the horizon as we headed east to Philadelphia was certainly a thrill after a 24 hour journey which started in Okinawa at 7:30 pm on Saturday night. We were very sad to leave Lucky but it was nice to know we were headed home. It was an indication of how far we have been traveling when we went through security and the agent asked me if there were coins in my purse. Once I started to remove them I wasn't finished until I had 5 coin purses/wallets laying on the tray. He just smiled and kept putting them through the x-ray machine. After we got through security we used up our last change to buy one more souvenir.

We had good flights through Taipei and San Francisco and breezed through customs to make our last connecting flight to Philadelphia. We were surprised to be able to buy "Kirkland" water (from Costco?) in Taipei. A man in the concessions area pointed that out to us. It turns out he was from Phoenix whose mother lived in Erie, PA. Another example of our small world. He was traveling from Malaysia and gave each of us a Malaysian dollar to add to our currency collection. 

Our seats were not together on that flight and Felicity felt like she was sitting next to Will Farrell's brother who proceeded to spill hot coffee on her and also ran through the airport like Will Farrell. In my row there was a woman from Vietnam who couldn't tell the flight attendants her address in San Francisco and only had a resident alien card. If it weren't for the sleeping pills we each had taken we might have stayed awake to watch the human drama around us. There is always something to see. 

We arrived without incident in Philadelphia. Laura picked us up and delivered us safely to my house. Dan and Carol came down from Harrisburg to take Felicity part of the way home. Now we begin our recovery from jet lag and taking care of all at home. 

Once I have things organized I will post a few of the best pictures on this blog. Hopefully by tomorrow.  Thanks to all for all your good wishes while we were away. We loved sharing our adventures with you and look forward to sharing pictures on this blog and in person. 

Take care and enjoy any travels you may take.

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Alex said...

Welcome home! Every one of your days sounded memorable. It will be nice to see some photos of your experiences. I'm looking forward to hearing more as you have time to get over the jetlag and reflect on the trip.